Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is an effective tool used to deliver your message directly to your existing and potential clientele via an e-mail list. 

Research shows that the average ROI for e-mail marketing is 42:1 – that’s a $42 return on investment for every dollar you spend on an e-mail marketing activity.

Unlike other mediums, e-mail marketing delivers directly to your target audience, removing the “middleman”, such as Facebook or Twitter, which can affect the visibility of your messaging. 

Email marketing is incredibly effective for building rapport and relationships between brands and audiences, as well as driving feedback and a loyal customer base.

At birr, we handle email marketing for numerous clients and understand how to plan, structure and deliver campaigns to maximize success. Our team can write the copy, design your campaign and even set up your account to automate successful email marketing campaigns. These can launch at specific times and dates, or in response to certain automated triggers.

Email marketing is fantastic for both B2B and B2C marketing, as it drives click-through and conversion rates, which ultimately increases the return on investment.

Some of our Email Marketing Campaigns