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Let’s talk about the king of content.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least a million. With digital platforms becoming the ubiquitous means of communication and content consumption, video content creation services have never been more important.

Creating video to support your marketing efforts has never been more important to the success of marketing campaigns.

Video typically has a longer shelf-life than other content and additional value comes via its ability to be repurposed, and shared across multiple platforms. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Pinterest, video outranks all other forms of content in social media platform algorithms. Placing video on your landing pages can increase conversions by more than 80%.

“Over 90% of businesses gain a new customer as a result of posting video on social media, and 46% of users act after viewing a video advertisement.”

Let’s talk about great content and how it can help your business


It’s no longer enough to simply be seen. Photo content needs to elicit an emotional response in the viewer to have an impact.

Great photography will take your campaign from something that gets lost in the noise, to something that is truly memorable. Make your brand resonate with your target market, and amplifies your brand’s personality to create a lasting connection. 

We use photography to elevate campaigns and assets, as well as to distinguish our clients from their competitors. Take a look over at our portfolio (LINK) section to see how a great image can make all the difference. As you may have already read here, or elsewhere, marketing is about telling your story and photography is an integral component of how others respond to your messaging.

At birr, we capture incredible images across a range of styles from commercial studio-based work, to editorial content, and everything in between. Our photo content creation services get great results because we think carefully about who we are shooting for, and what will set things apart from the rest; before we even consider picking up the camera.

Let’s talk about great content and how it can help your business


Set the tone for your business

Great copy is as important as high quality video, photography, illustrations, or any other creative output. It will be a direct reflection of your business, your standards, and implied quality control.

birr’s team of copywriters work to craft copy for clients that informs, educates, engages, and conveys messaging to readers across all platforms. Whether it’s your website or your social profiles, in your adverts and emails, blog posts or bylined articles, we can write for any application, market or product. birr’s copywriting content services are backed by decades of experience.

“ In marketing, the written word lends to your brand’s identity, credibility, likeability and authenticity. Copy that lacks consistency, cohesion or correct grammar and punctuation can have a major impact on a brand’s success.

Great copy builds your brand’s image and personality, it forms rapport with the reader. It helps you stand out from your competitors, and can maximize your ROI. If you want to apply these attributes to your business, get in touch.



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