Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is the practice of cultivating and promoting how the public perceives your brand through earned and unpaid media and communications.

 There are two key kinds of PR strategies – proactive and reactive.

 Proactive PR campaigns use tactics such as media releases, media kits, relationships with journalists, influencers and events to leverage the conversation around your brand or product.

 Reactive PR is another term for crisis management and involves working to change the negative or adverse conversation and perception of your brand, following a crisis.


birr’s team is experienced in developing and managing PR campaigns to address a variety of objectives and strategies for our clients including, but not limited to:

  •   Brand launches
  •   Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  •   Media relations
  •   Crisis management
  •   Business events
  •   Community relations
  •   Employee relations
  •   Social media


There are two key kinds of PR strategies –
proactive and reactive.

Public Relations is an effective practice to build and foster positive relationships with your brand’s public and stakeholders, who include journalists, customers, other businesses, influencers and the general public.

 PR is also used to practice and present the ethical stance of your brand, which is becoming increasingly relevant to consumers, as well as in the B2B sector.

 Effective Public Relations paired with marketing has the power to increase your brand’s credibility, change the perception of your brand, enhance your brand’s online presence and website traffic, as well as increase your business’s profits, sales and leads.