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Or, how the world perceives you.

Branding is so much more than a logo. Your brand identifies your business in the marketplace

A strong brand is arrived at through a process of researching, designing, developing, and consistently applying distinctive elements to every. single. touchpoint. your audience has your business. This includes everything from consistently using the same fonts, colors, and images styles, to the language you use in client communications, social media posts, and advertising. Read more about Branding 101 here.

All communication should align with the core tenets and beliefs that surround your business. The tone of communication will do as much to tell customers about you and how you conduct business as your actual deliverables.

What makes you unique? How do you communicate that? Do your staff understand this and reinforce it? Do you even know the answers to these questions? If not, we should take you out for lunch sometime to discuss it.

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Graphic Design

A way of communicating, visually.

Design was once largely about making products more attractive. Today, it’s a way of thinking: a creative process that spans entire organizations, driven by the desire to better understand and meet consumer needs. 

In today’s digital world, design is more important than ever — design enables the user to easily navigate across a website or find the information that they need as quickly and simply as possible, whilst giving out the appropriate messages. 

Infusing your organization with a design-driven culture that puts the customer first may provide not only real, measurable results but also a distinct competitive advantage. 

At birr, our design driven culture means we are always thinking about our customers, empathizing with end users and trying to solve problems while keeping customers in mind. This means, from the outset, doing research and immersing ourselves with understanding customers needs and pain points — we ask questions, constantly. We listen, resulting in truly understanding your needs. And as products become more complex, we challenge this with, how can we simplify? How can we simplify the experience? That requires design thinking. 

At birr we hold design at the core of our business, enabling us to quickly understand your needs to thrive in today’s world.

As Dieter Rams says — “Good design is as little as possible. Less, but better, because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.”


When you think about animation…

Your mind probably first goes to Saturday morning cartoons, or the latest feature film from Pixar or Disney. But, you can use simple animations in your business to communicate messaging in a visually engaging and easily digestible format.

Animations are an amazing way for you to take your complex or complicated concepts, and distill them into easily understood short video clips. Animation is an effective storytelling tool, that can increase awareness of your brand and build trust in you and your message as a business.

You can see some examples of successful animations we have produced here. If you think an animation might help your audience better understand a product or service you offer, we should start some storyboarding.

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