Valentine’s Day Promotions: Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas

Heart shaped lights reflect the idea of Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Promotions: Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and affection, offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience through creative and heartfelt marketing campaigns. As we embrace digital transformations, innovative digital marketing ideas have become pivotal in crafting successful Valentine’s Day promotions. Understanding the Significance of Valentine’s […]

5 things to consider when hiring an agency or content creator

Agency team looking at designs

Save yourself time, money, and a ton of stress when hiring an agency by reviewing these 5 things before you sign on the dotted line. Do you like their portfolio? This one is a little bit more focused on the creative aspects of working with an agency or creative, but, designers, photographers, illustrators, and all […]

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A team collaborating and brainstorming at a digital marketing agency

What is a digital marketing agency? In a nutshell, a digital marketing agency is an agency that focuses solely in the digital realm. They don’t offer services for traditional marketing channels like print, billboards, TV, radio, or newspapers. Instead, they focus on websites, social media, digital ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation – […]

birr agency 2.0

Content creation services example, photo of Lizard Range near Fernie BC

Launching birr agency 2.0 Ahhh autumn, the time for new beginnings… oh wait, no, that’s spring.  Well, regardless, autumn at birr is now a time for a new beginning. Many changes have happened over the last couple months, and it’s time to push forward with renewed direction and focus of growing birr as a digital […]

Which email marketing platform is right for you?

Which email marketing tool is right for you? Email marketing has never been a more important tool for digital marketing than it is today.  “Why?” you may ask. In a landscape filled with noise from everyone else’s content, it’s a fight to ensure your content is not just seen, but is engaged with by your […]

The Integrated Marketing Mix: Owned, Earned and Paid Media

Getting the most out of your earned and paid media badge

Getting the most out of your Owned, Earned and Paid Media Traditionally, companies might have used some marketing and advertising, or occasionally some Public Relations to promote their business. In today’s globalized and digitalized world, an integrated marketing approach – using all three disciplines – is increasingly important for businesses large and small. This means […]

Time to plan your marketing for 2022

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After a couple of unpredictable years, things are looking up, and now is the time to re-review those business plans and set some attainable goals for the next year ahead.  A plan is a pivotal tool to keep you and your team accountable for reaching your KPIs, goals and milestones for your business’s success. Without […]

What’s the difference between a marketing agency and a consultant

Marketing consultant or agency - what's the difference

Agency or Consultant, what’s the difference? When your business is looking for a marketing provider, you’ll probably see two kinds of services consistently referred to; consultant or agencies. From the outset, the difference between a consultant and an agency is very simple. When you engage an agency, you engage a team. When you engage a […]