Art of Emotional Connection: Building Brand Love in Digital Marketing

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As a business owner, you know that every customer interaction and every marketing effort counts. In the bustling digital world, forging a deep emotional connection with your audience can set your brand apart. This guide, crafted with the unique needs and strengths of small teams in mind, explores how you can build brand love that […]

Revolutionizing Your Brand: A guide to rebranding your business in the New Year

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As businesses step into a new year, rebranding often tops their list of strategic initiatives to elevate the business. Updating your brand isn’t just about changing logos or color schemes; it’s a comprehensive process that can redefine your business’s presence in the market. This guide will walk you through the steps of successful rebranding, helping […]

Is your property up Schitt’s Creek? 7 Motel Marketing tips!

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Is your property up Schitt’s Creek? 7 Motel Marketing lessons from the show The pandemic wreaked havoc with the travel and hospitality industry, devastating revenues, and brining most travel to a standsill. One “positive” thing it did provide us with is the opportunity to binge watch TV shows. If you haven’t seen Schitt’s Creek, I […]

How to increase direct bookings from your website

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Increase direct bookings, reduce OTA commissions! If you’re trying to reduce your OTA (online travel agent) commissions, the number one thing you’ll need to do is increase direct bookings. This means focusing on your number one digital asset- your website! It’s not just a place for potential guests to gather information about your business; it’s […]

What’s the difference between a marketing agency and a consultant

Marketing consultant or agency - what's the difference

Agency or Consultant, what’s the difference? When your business is looking for a marketing provider, you’ll probably see two kinds of services consistently referred to; consultant or agencies. From the outset, the difference between a consultant and an agency is very simple. When you engage an agency, you engage a team. When you engage a […]

Branding 101

Be yourself, everybody else is taken. What is branding anyway? Why is it so important? Sometimes it’s evident that businesses don’t know the weight of branding when it comes to success. Authentic, considered and simple brands are carefully designed to stand out from the sea of competition — and thrive. Relentlessly. Take Nike, for example. […]



Design plays a significant role in the entire customer experience. It is what captures your brand and gives it life, movement and context. Without professional graphic design, creativity or artistic input, your brand will most likely lack the depth, context and visual language that comes with experience, knowledge and understanding of strategic design.  This is […]


A marketing plan is a crucial component of your business, and how your service or product is promoted, perceived, and engaged with by an audience in the market. Without this, the fundamentals that drive your business will never reach their full potential.  Plans do not need to be overly complicated, lengthy, or even expensive, in […]