The business arm of the Ktunaxa Nation

Ktunaxa Enterprises Limited was established as the business arm of the Ktunaxa Nation. As a new entity, they required a complete branding exercise to establish an identity.

Ktunaxa Enterprises Limited logo design in white





birr was approached with the brief of developing a brand that provided a look and feel that would allow the business to stand independently, whilst communicating the association with the Ktunaxa Nation.

We worked alongside the senior management team to develop a clear understanding of the various business components and their interdependence. Our branding exploration considered traditional imagery, colors and underlying messaging that contributed to the story that needed to be crafted.

Initial concept work incorporated explorations including the use of a circle which in First Nation teaching represents the dominant symbol in nature representing wholeness, completion, and the cycles of life. We also considered symbols including the eagle which is a sacred animal symbolizing respect, honor, strength, courage and wisdom.

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The creative application settled on the use of both a circle and eagle feather with a muted colour palette incorporating dark river blue, winter sky blue and ochre grass, providing a flexible distinguished feel.

The branding outputs provided a range of logo options. These allowed for application usage across a range of mediums with versions created for print, web and social platforms. Style guidelines to ensure uniformity of useage across these mediums were also included.

The branding work extended to a detailed set of guidelines and materials that provide a roadmap for the company to use for its own marketing activities as well as across the various subsidiary companies, Nupqu, ɁamakɁis Transport and Kettle River Contracting. Business stationery, brochures, website visuals and signage styles were all created along with guidance on co-branding to ensure consistency of delivery for all businesses.

Ktunaxa Enterprises Ltd Stationery - designed by birr
KEL Native Plants Nursery
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With a completed brand, guidelines, business stationery, new signage for all businesses, a website and a clear direction and visual identify, Ktunaxa Enterprises Ltd. commenced their business journey with a professional standard from day one.

Investing in a brand and spending time to design and produce all of your customer facing assets is time and money well spent. Design matters and influences all of the interactions that your audience has with your organization.

They’ve done a great job branding us from scratch including website design. It is wonderful to have this knowledge and professionalism in our area. Highly Recommend them!
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Hennie Tait CEO