Fernie Distillers, a quality product that demanded premium imagery

The quality of imagery can make or break a first impression. When Fernie Distillers announced its arrival to the world, their content creation plan helped set the business on the course for success.

Fernie Distillers Logo

The range of images spanned product shots, images of the bar and lounge, and portraits of the founders, Andrew Hayden and Jillian Rutherford.

Product photography gin bottle and grains

birr’s content creation plan included a suite of imagery from their line of products available at launch, detail images of cocktails served in the lounge, images of the space, and portraits of the founders.

Fernie Distillers - Jillian Rutherford
Fernie Distillers Cocktail
Fernie Distillers Small Batch Vodka
Fernie Distillers - cocktail making
Jillian Rutherford and Andrew Hayden

Imagery and visuals are the foundation of any marketing campaign, and ensuring that your campaign utilizes high quality, professionally captured images will ensure the greatest opportunity for a successful campaign.