Sometimes all you need is an elf to show how to manage the news agenda…


Launching birr – a campaign designed to capture local interest and highlight our ability to manage a news story and stimulate a concept to generate mainstream media interest.  

birr was looking for an opportunity to do something that would put us on the map.  Naturally, we decided to do an anonymous campaign!

The plan was to undertake an initiative that would spark interest and generate a social media following that could then be pushed out into mainstream media.  

The Fernie Elf (a giant life-sized elf) arrived in town on 1st December and moved to a different location under the cover of darkness early every morning.  

People started to wonder who was responsible.  Photos were taken. Social media activity grew. We took the story to mainstream media successfully and the metrics speak for themselves.


  • Total facebook reach:  1.8 mill +

  • Instagram impressions: 30,000

  • TV eyeballs: 8 mill

Watch the case study video below.

Click the image below for the full Global segment.

birr - The Fernie Elf