Rithmik Solutions is a new AI tech startup.  Spearheaded by Kevin Urbanski  the business leverages artificial intelligence – specifically, machine learning – to unlock the hidden value in data, which leads to lower costs, improved productivity, and increased safety

The company needed a look and feel that would work for them now and in the future as they grow and develop.


Big Idea

Design a brand that captures the business and the processes underpinning Rithmik’s client services.  

The folks at birr took a lot of care to understand who we are, what we do, and where we're going at Rithmik Solutions. Their final designs did an awesome job of capturing the essence of our brand
Amanda Truscott
Amanda Truscott
Chief Communication Officer

birr interviewed the directors of Rithmik Solutions to understand the inner workings and aspirations of the business.  We got to know what makes them tick and what that means to their clients.

We provided a range of design treatments that met the requirements, each with a slightly different approach.  These were presented to the client for feedback and formulation into the final design