Revving up awareness for Accelerate Kootenay


The shift to electric vehicles is well on its way. But, in the Kootenays, how do you manage the remote locations, and people’s adventures, with the widespread perception that EV’s are only good for the “City” lifestyle?

Big Idea

Develop a video that demonstrates the ever increasing infrastructure capacity for EV charging throughout the Kootenays, and, showcase some adventure activities in the mix.


Using our network of creatives throughout the Kootenays, we were able to work with videographer Colleen Gentemann in Revelstoke, Alex Hanson of HipGnosis Media, athlete Greg Hill, and his wife, as well as Accelerate Kootenay facilitator Jen Grebildinger and her kids to create a video that demonstrates both the ease of travel with an EV in the Kootenays, as well as the ability to experience the backcountry and outdoors.