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Stand Out in the Hotel Industry: Marketing a Boutique Hotel

How to market your boutique hotel

Marketing a boutique hotel may seem daunting when competing against large corporate chain hotels with well-established brands and big marketing budgets. Boutique hotels, however, have a powerful advantage that sets them apart – their uniqueness. By focusing on what makes your hotel authentic and different, you can attract customers seeking new and interesting experiences. In this article, we’ll provide you with effective marketing tips that will make your boutique hotel be top of mind for visitors.


Highlight Your Unique Selling Points:

Shift your marketing efforts towards showcasing what makes your boutique hotel special. By focusing on what separates you from the generic, chain hotel, guests will be more intrigued and interested in experiencing your property. It could be anything from your commitment to sustainability, a chef-led restaurant offering local cuisine, your specific location, or a one of a kind property feature? Today’s travelers crave authentic experiences, and boutique hotels are perfectly positioned to deliver personalized and meaningful travel experiences that larger hotels just can’t deliver. Market your unique offerings to attract customers who appreciate and are willing to pay for these distinctive experiences.

Embrace Digital Marketing: 

In the digital era, integrating digital marketing strategies is crucial for boutique hotels. Leverage social media platforms to create personal connections with your guests in a more relaxed environment. Encourage guests to tag your hotel in their social media posts, run social media competitions, and collaborate with influencers and partners to expand your reach. Use platforms like Instagram to showcase your hotel’s personality, charm, and local attractions to catch people’s attention and create engagement.

Engage with the Local Community: 

This is arguably the biggest opportunity to set yourself apart from large chains, and generate a tremendous amount of “free” marketing. By working with your community, and in your community, you can network and grow strong relationships with other local businesses that are mutually beneficial. Sourcing products and services from other local businesses and suppliers, or partnering with local events to offer discounts for participants can open up a whole new source of guests. By donating to local charities, you can generate news coverage and additional awareness of your property. These all help to enhance your hotel’s reputation and drive increasing referral bookings.

Seek Inspiration from Competitors: 

Remember that expression, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”? Well, we don’t mean to insinuate that your competition is your enemy, but, don’t be afraid to look to them for inspiration. Study their websites, blogs, marketing emails, and social media accounts to see what topics they’re discussing, how they communicate, and the responses they receive. This market research can provide valuable insights and inspire you to explore new services or modify existing ones to better meet customer needs. It can lead you to first-mover status on potential shifts or trends in the marketplace. It can also provide you with opportunities to offer unique competitions, discounts, or services that differentiate your hotel from the competition.



Marketing a boutique hotel isn’t always easy, especially knowing you do not have the budget to compete against large chain properties, but, embracing your hotel’s uniqueness and leveraging digital marketing strategies can help you stand out from the crowd. Focus on what makes your hotel special, engage with your community, and seek inspiration from competitors to enhance your marketing efforts. By showcasing your hotel’s personality and providing authentic experiences, you can attract guests seeking memorable and personalized travel experiences. Embrace the opportunities available to small boutique hotels and drive more direct revenue while bringing joy to your guests’ lives.

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