Photography is imperative to creating good content for your business. Without original photography, your brand will lack authenticity, consistency, and strong identity – the fundamentals of creating a strong brand presence in the market. Having your own bank of photography also allows for quick turnaround on campaign material.  Both the quality and type of image […]


Email marketing seems to have a bit of a bad rap as a tool to communicate with your customers. Clients tend to be put off with the thought that they are spamming their audience and subscribers or that, too often, they are sharing information that wouldn’t be of interest to them; when used correctly this […]


A marketing plan is a crucial component of your business, and how your service or product is promoted, perceived, and engaged with by an audience in the market. Without this, the fundamentals that drive your business will never reach their full potential.  Plans do not need to be overly complicated, lengthy, or even expensive, in […]

Should I use social media to sell my products and services?


No, but yes… Social media is about being social, it’s not about ramming a sales message down somebody’s throat. That is a quick way of turning off your audience. Your social media feed is a great opportunity for you to build your brand by telling your story. You and your business have a personality and […]

Introducing the two minute blog


Introducing the 2 minute blog. Getting straight down to it, people are busy, speaking from our own point of view, it’s sometimes hard to read an in depth blog story because we can’t find the time. So, we’re introducing the two minute blog. We will ask marketing related questions and answer them without writing chapter […]

How to PR like a pro

How to PR like a pro

Ok ok, so you want to generate some buzz around your brand. With social media the rules have changed… or have they?

Content marketing

content marketing

Content, content, everywhere you turn, marketers are telling you its all about the content marketing. 

But, what exactly does that mean, and what exactly should you be doing?