Photography is imperative to creating good content for your business. Without original photography, your brand will lack authenticity, consistency, and strong identity – the fundamentals of creating a strong brand presence in the market. Having your own bank of photography also allows for quick turnaround on campaign material.  Both the quality and type of image […]

2 minute read: The value of public relations.

The value of PR

PR is the process of using your story as a way of promoting your business without paying for advertising. Essentially using company news, product developments, your opinion on the business sector and many other things.

2 minute read: what is the difference between advertising and marketing

what is the difference between marketing and advertizing

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Introducing the two minute blog


Introducing the 2 minute blog. Getting straight down to it, people are busy, speaking from our own point of view, it’s sometimes hard to read an in depth blog story because we can’t find the time. So, we’re introducing the two minute blog. We will ask marketing related questions and answer them without writing chapter […]

Talking tech at BC Tech Summit

BC Tech Summit

Columbia Basin Trust provided businesses within the Basin the opportunity to join them at BC Tech Summit in Vancouver, naturally we, along with other movers and shakers from the region embraced the offer with open arms.

Welcoming Laura to our team

Growing Kootenay marketing agency, birr, based in Fernie has appointed Laura Eadie as account manager to help manage the increasing workload.