2 minute read: Big data and making it work for you

How can big data be used by small business to make marketing more effective. Read about how big data is used for facebook advertising campaigns.
Hands up all of you who have heard the term “big data” and thought, WTF is that, it’s surely not relevant to my business… WRONG! Big data can be used to create intelligent advertising campaigns for your business with measurable ROI that can increase profitability for you. Here’s one example… Facebook. Facebook has gathered detailed information on all of its users. Facebook knows your gender, where you live, where you went on vacation, what brands you like, your political views and where you are right now. I know, it’s creepy. This is big data. What it allows you to do is put very targeted advertising right in front of people who will have an interest in what you are selling. You can target on all kinds of things, even if someone visited one of your competitors. And here’s the thing. As much as some folks make out that it is very complicated, it’s not. The trick is to get the message correct, targeting the right audience and ensuring that the user experience and sales funnel works well. This takes some strategic thought and configuration on your website to ensure that it ties in with the campaign. If you are not currently doing this or if you are but aren’t happy with the quality of execution get in touch so we can help demystify things and get you on the right track.

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