Muisca — a local Fernie coffee with Colombian connections

Muisca is a local Fernie Coffee company with direct connections to Colombia through the business owners themselves. Developing a brand that conveyed that connection was paramount.

Muisca logo by birr agency
birr agency - design process for Muisca: discover
birr agency - design process for Muisca: create
birr agency - design process for Muisca: thrive


The first thing we discovered when entering the onboarding process for Muisca was the strong connection to the land and Indigenous culture. To give some background, the Muisca are an indigenous people

known for their great trading networks and riches with a history dating back to over 10,000 years. With the name already decided it was our job developing a brand around the story.

Muisca brand exploration: birr agency
Muisca Chiva


Connecting the key aspects of this brand was really interesting as we were learning on every step of the way. Muisca’s direct connection with coffee farmers and the integration of local Colombian culture was central to the branding. We learned about the importance of the “Chiva”.
Chivas are repurposed school buses from North America that have found their way to Colombia and are now used for transporting people, farm crops, chickens and yes coffee. As Chivas used every day in the supply chain of Muisca’s coffee they became a prominent icon of the brand.
Muisca web mock up mobile - birr agency
Muisca website mockup - mobile
Muisca coffee label designs

“I have been working with birr for the past couples months and changing my branding. I am super happy with their job, super professional, very creative and the most important their customer service has been the best. I strongly recommend this company if you need any job with marketing and branding, they are the best.”

Adriana Pumphrey – Owner


With the colours, imagery and logo all developed and directly influenced by Colombian culture the tools were provided and applied to packaging and other brand assets. The creation of a unique brand that would stand out in the retail environment was
essential and we moved away from the typical “hipster” style of today’s coffee brand and pushed the direct trade and sustainability messaging of the brand.
Muisca coffee packaging designs by birr agency
Muisca social treatments by birr agency
Muisca social treatment design by birr agency
Muisca coffee pour
Muisca brand guide design by birr agency

Muisca is for people who love good coffee but also care about the story and approach behind the scenes.