#BuyBasin Festival Coaching Local Businesses to succeed on social media

#BuyBasin Festival

They need to fill the roles of bookkeeper, sales team, marketing team, as well as operations manager to ensure that their business runs smoothly, and profitably. As a result, marketing often falls off the edge of the desk. 

Working with Columbia Basin Trust, Basin Business Advisors, and Festival Seekers, birr agency helped coach over 60 Columbia Basin based businesses on how to integrate Live Video into their social media marketing, and provide a quick and easy solution to generating content for social media channels. The coaching covered key elements for a successful Live, how to execute the video to optimize engagement, and tactics for video follow up to grow social media audiences.

birr agency working on the #buybasin festival

The Spring and Fall editions of the #BuyBasin Festival reached over 1 million Facebook and Instagram users…

And helped over 100 businesses feel more confident in generating content for their social media marketing efforts, and saw multiple businesses increase sales in the days immediately following their Live posts.