No, but yes…

Social media is about being social, it’s not about ramming a sales message down somebody’s throat. That is a quick way of turning off your audience.

Your social media feed is a great opportunity for you to build your brand by telling your story. You and your business have a personality and culture, and it is quite likely that this is a significant factor in a customer’s decision to continue to buy from you.

This doesn’t mean you should never use a social media post as a sales message, of course you should, but think about it in terms of value for the customer. People will buy because of work you have done for other people, your knowledge and expertise. Write case studies, use testimonials, share other relevant and interesting content. Comment on and share your customers’ content, show an interest and engage with them. Don’t tell people why they should buy from you, show them why other people already have. Then the sales will come.

We recommend that clients split their content up 70:20:10


70% should be things that add value to their day; something that’s informative, or entertaining.

20% should be other people’s work or content that you feel should be shared.

10% is your sales messaging.


The question as to how many people this will be seen by is an interesting one and has recently shifted thanks to changes in algorithms, particularly on Facebook (we’ll tackle this specifically another day) but one thing to keep in mind is to try and make your content shareable, so that other people want to share it. See the above 20%(!)…

What all of the above means is you really should think both strategically and tactically about how you use social media because if you don’t it is hard to be consistent and to deliver on an ongoing basis.

Questions that you can ask yourself to help guide the development of content include:

  1. What are your social media objectives?
    1. e.g. Do you want to increase your followers?

Do you want to engage with people to understand their wants and needs further? Do you even need social media?

  1. What are the key things you want people to know about you/your company?
  2. How do you want your company to be perceived?
  3. What capacity do you have to create content that will stand out from the noise?