Ok ok, so you want to generate some buzz around your brand.

With social media the rules have changed… or have they?

Yes, PR has shifted from what it used to be and you can generate awareness around your brand sometimes without the traditional media. But, some rules remain the same.

If you want to be seen as credible you have to have a story that stands up on its own and fits with your brand values.

You may ask “what does this mean”?

Well, when you pick up a newspaper or look at a website, it is very rare to see stories that do not have a news angle. A news angle can come from many directions. To illustrate the point, read the following media release headlines and think about how they differ.

“Dave’s widgets is discounting all of their old stock by 25% this Saturday”
“Dave’s widgets is launching a new line of widgets that increase efficiency by 25% this Saturday”

The first headline one is a pure sales pitch. The media will not be interested, in fact, they won’t even read the media release. The likely outcome of sending a media release like this to your editorial contact will be…. A call from their colleague in advertising sales!

The second headline is different. Instead of saying that all of the old stock will be sold of cheap at the weekend, the focus is on the fact that the new and improved widgets will be demonstrated. This is news. Dave has new improved widgets that are more efficient. The press release may go on to say how the new widgets have been designed, what makes them better and so on. This will be much more likely to result in media coverage.

What we are trying to illustrate to you here is that regardless of the platform you might use to get your message to the audience, if you don’t have a news angle and simply sell at every opportunity it will not be very successful. You need to build a brand profile and reputation that offers value and interest to your audience. Viewing your communications in this way and sharing a mixture of news will help you achieve this.

When it comes to PR, there is so much opportunity to utilize the media and leverage the opportunity that it offers you. Planning and implementing regular PR activity will result in better awareness, credibility and increased opportunity. Having PR at the centre of your marketing universe and focusing on your story will also help you across all aspects of marketing, be it your website blog, email newsletter or social media accounts.

To PR like a pro you must focus on your story.